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As part of our IT support contracts, we provide an IT Asset & Hardware Inventory Management Service.

Customers are provided with reports and statistics about their IT assets so they can make informed decisions when replacing or upgrading hardware.

The service also monitors the state of servers, workstations and networking equipment to alert our IT Support team to any issues they may have.

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5 Star Review
Asset Management

Why do you need

an asset register?

Maintaining an IT asset register is essential for several reasons, and it plays a crucial role in the effective management and operation of a business.

Here are some key reasons why businesses consider it essential:

Inventory Management

  • An IT asset register provides a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory of the business’s hardware and software assets. This includes computers, servers, networking equipment, software licenses, and more.
  • It helps businesses keep track of their assets, understand what they have, and monitor changes over time.

Asset Tracking

  • Tracking the location and status of IT assets becomes more manageable with a well-maintained register. This is crucial for large organisations with distributed operations or multiple office locations.
  • Asset tracking facilitates efficient maintenance, upgrades, and replacements, as businesses can quickly identify where each asset is located.

Financial Management

  • An IT asset register assists in financial planning and budgeting by providing a clear view of the value and depreciation of IT assets.
  • It helps avoid unnecessary purchases or renewals, optimise resource allocation, and ensure that the business invests in the right technology at the right time.

License Compliance

  • For software assets, keeping track of licenses is vital to ensure compliance with legal requirements. Failure to comply with licensing agreements can lead to legal consequences and financial penalties.
  • An IT asset register helps businesses monitor software licenses, updates, and usage to ensure they comply with vendor agreements.

Security and Risk Management

  • Maintaining an IT asset register is crucial for cybersecurity and risk management. It helps identify vulnerabilities, track security updates, and ensure that all software and hardware are up to date with the latest patches.
  • In case of security incidents, having an accurate asset register facilitates a quick response and recovery.

Lifecycle Management

  • Understanding the lifecycle of IT assets—from acquisition to disposal—is essential for planning and decision-making.
  • It helps businesses schedule replacements and upgrades, preventing unexpected disruptions due to outdated or failing equipment.

Support and Maintenance

  • A detailed IT asset register aids in planning and scheduling maintenance activities. It ensures that equipment is serviced regularly, reducing the risk of unexpected failures and downtime.
  • It also helps in managing support contracts and warranties effectively.

Efficient Resource Allocation

  • By knowing what IT assets are in use, businesses can allocate resources more efficiently, avoiding unnecessary expenses on redundant or underutilised equipment.


In summary, maintaining an IT asset register is essential for businesses to effectively manage their resources, ensure compliance, enhance security, and make informed decisions about their technology infrastructure.


IT Hardware & Software Management

  • Workstation/Server Name – Including User and IP information
  • Manufacturer Info – Model Number, Serial Number BIOS Version
  • Specifications – Storage information, RAM, CPU
  • Operating System – Version and service pack level
  • Installed application and version details

Inventory Reporting & Statistics

Our scheduled or ad-hoc detailed reports help provide a better understanding of your IT infrastructure to assist with your IT strategy and budget planning.

  • Realtime view of who is logged in/last used
  • Warranty information
  • Software version and License Keys
  • Device health
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