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In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is a pivotal pillar for the success of any business. With the constant evolution of technology, safeguarding your enterprise against cyber threats is not just a defensive move; it is a proactive strategy crucial for maintaining trust, protecting sensitive data, and ensuring the longevity of your business.

At Confidence IT, we understand cybersecurity’s critical role in modern business. Our tailored solutions are crafted to fortify your digital infrastructure, providing the confidence and resilience needed to thrive securely in an ever-changing online environment. Join us in embracing a future where your business is protected and positioned for sustained success in the digital era.

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Our IT Support package includes the essentials your business needs to stay protected and resilient to cyber threats and data loss. Here are a few of the solutions we provide to our clients.

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Network Security

We use enhanced network security software to help protect your network from threats to your business. This software also includes training for your staff to help spot any malicious activity.

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Microsoft 365 Backups

All of your 365 data and emails are backed up and centrally managed. This gives you peace of mind should you need to recover any data.

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Bitdefender anti-virus software is included at no extra charge to make sure your devices are always protected. This is centrally managed to help us spot any issues before you do.

Confidence IT | Password Manager - White

Password manager to help keep your business safe by creating and securely storing complex passwords. 1Password can also auto-fill details and MFA information to make the sign-in process quicker

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Email Security

Protect your business and staff from cyber attacks originating from email. This also includes training to help spot malicious emails and a quick and easy way for your team to report them.

Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Training

Keep your team updated on how to stay safe with regular training provided by Curricula. Through their online portal you can provide your team with the tools and information to reduce the risk of scams and cyber attacks.

Strategic Expertise

All businesses should have at least the fundamentals of a cyber security policy to protect their team and data. We make sure our clients are ready to achieve their Cyber Essentials Certification even if they don’t want to purchase the certification itself.

The standard Cyber Essentials certification is a self-assessment of your cyber security network and practices. This certification ensures you follow the best practices to stop simple vulnerabilities within your business, deterring cyber criminals and other malicious attacks.

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“Proactive, competent and efficient support service with lots of experience from different fields of IT”

Rob How

5 Star Review
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