Custom built solutions for you

Off the shelf websites and applications are great, being quick and simple to implement, however they rarely do everything you need exactly as you want it. Bespoke developments, whether customisations to existing solutions, applications running in tandem to enhance functionality, or a completely tailor-made product might be the answer.

We have years of development experience, ranging from simple scripting to business critical applications to ISO27001 document control systems, and can provide guidance, planning, development or deployment services for any project you may need assistance with. We can also provide our development services for existing or new applications as part of our Managed Service contracts or on an ad-hoc basis, whichever suits you best.

Our team are personable, friendly and incredibly approachable, so not what you might expect!

Our development services include:

Scripting and Powershell

We can create standalone VBScripts and PowerShell commandlets, or provide assistance with any PowerShell scripting tasks you may need. These are quick and easy ways to perform mundane tasks without the need for human interaction or mistakes!

Windows Services

Do you have manual processes that someone has to do on a regular basis? Whether it’s exporting data from third party applications for emailing, collating data for reports, system alerts, file transfers, in fact pretty much any internal process you can think of, a Windows Service is probably the answer.

We can develop a Windows Service to perform exactly the process you need, when you need it. Services can run constantly, timed or be configurable via a user interface, and will do everything without you lifting a finger.

Web Application and Mobile App Development

We have found that many businesses struggle to find applications to suit their needs exactly. Whether it’s automating manual processes, or running your complete business operations, a bespoke product can be the answer and usually costs less than you think.

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your business operations and this helps us tailor our support services. This same understanding also allows us to work alongside you to review and streamline internal processes and procedures through automation.

These working partnerships have allowed us to develop, implement and manage a vast number of business critical applications, mobile apps, and tools to improve staff performance, efficiency and morale, which in turn drives business growth.

We can provide consultancy or development services to do just the same for your business, either as part of a Managed Service contract or on a ‘per-project’ basis.

Website Hosting and Management

We are able to host websites and web applications within our secure and robust hosting environment, which can be as a full or partially managed service.

Our website management includes deploying new content management systems for you to configure, managing patches and updates, as well as active intrusion monitoring and hacking detection. We also offer database hosting using either MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server solutions, and have excellent on and offsite backup systems in place so you don’t need to worry about your data.

We can also offer dedicated hosting servers in any configuration along with shared or dedicated IP addresses, whatever suits your requirements.

Database Management

Many applications are database driven now and it’s important the databases are managed effectively, for performance, capacity, backup and disaster recovery. Failure to do so could be critical for your business operations.

We can review what you currently have, then collaboratively design and implement a management strategy to give you complete confidence in your business tools.