Cloud Solutions & Hosting

Access all your applications, securely, anywhere in the world

The way that businesses and schools work has changed significantly over the last few years with the introduction of cloud based, off-premise solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS).

We have years of experience in supplying and implementing migrations into these platforms. We also have our own robust environment where we can host applications, services and servers.

Google, Microsoft and many other providers also have an ever-changing selection of offerings. We are a Microsoft Partner and provide full consultancy, migration and management to their cloud solutions.

We also recognise that there are many misconceptions surrounding ‘cloud’ services and the pros and cons surrounding these. Our 20 years’ experience in IT combined with our honest approach makes us well placed to determine if cloud services are truly right for your needs, either as a full or hybrid (a combination of cloud services and your own on-premise servers) solution.

Our hosted services include:

Hosted email or email filtering, with self-service quarantine management

Providing a secure platform for your email and the invaluable time saving in not receiving all that junk email that you don’t want.

Hosted Servers

If you have a bespoke requirement for an ‘off premise’ server platform, we can provide this within our own secure and resilient environments. This is a fully managed service, taking all the hassle and expense away from running state of the art server solutions.

Hosted Websites and Databases

We host websites, applications and services within our secure hosting environment, which can be as a full or partially managed service. Our environment is robust and resilient, we also actively monitor this for those unwanted intrusions which are all too common in the modern technology world.

Off Premises Backup solutions

You may have your own servers within your premises but need to enhance your business continuity with an off premises replica of your servers. We can cater for this and provide critical resilience and a standby solution that offers a seamless or near seamless failover, should the worst happen within your premises.