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IT Consultancy | Confidence IT
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We are perfectly equipped to supply expert IT consultancy to your business and can design, plan and implement any solution to suit your needs.

Our experience enables us to be innovative, and our ethos and passion enable us to deliver cost-effective solutions smoothly and efficiently.

We offer our IT consultancy service as part of our Managed Service contracts or on a ‘per project’ basis, we are happy with whichever fits your needs the best.

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5 Star Review

“Confidence IT are very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The staff are reliable and are eager to assist when called upon.”

Cliff Fernandes

5 Star Review
IT Consultancy | Confidence IT

Hiring an

IT consultant

is an investment for productivity and growth.

Why Us?

Our consultancy service includes:


Your business IT systems need upgrading and improving periodically. We provide solutions that match your needs and allow for scalability and performance.

Our team ensures that your projects are planned and completed smoothly, on time, and with minimum disruption.

Typical projects would be:

  • Client or Server upgrades
  • VLAN design and implementation
  • VoIP and telephony solutions

  • Cloud Migrations
  • CCTV or door entry solutions
  • Implementing advanced network security and monitoring
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Many organisations take backups, but many don’t fit in with the recovery times required by the business. This can be truly disastrous.

We can review what you have, then design and implement a comprehensive Disaster Recovery strategy that gives complete confidence.

We provide fully documented Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans that provide a concise guide on what to do should the worst happen.



Your organisation will go through a change in IT staff, or perhaps need to confirm what they have and where their vulnerabilities reside.

Your business needs someone to listen to what you would like to know, then complete a comprehensive audit of your systems. We’ll then provide a report complete with honest recommendations that help your business reach desired goals and objectives.



We are experienced in helping our clients reach their objectives, these include ISO certifications and all of the technical facets surrounding these accreditations.

You need your business network infrastructure as secure as possible.  We specialise in introducing the security measures and policies required to meet General Data Protection Regulation Compliance (GDPR) and keep your data safe.

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DR &


Many organisations don’t need a full-time IT Director or Manager, but do need this skillset from time to time, perhaps on a regular basis.

We provide skilled resources to work with your management teams, listen to their current and future needs and help move them forward.

We also work directly with you and your business, reviewing processes and efficiency across the board, then look to improve these through better technology – making your business more efficient and profitable.

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ISO Accreditation



We help businesses get their ISO certifications by working with them to produce policies and documents.  We also help implement these policies to make sure businesses keep up to date with their ISO accreditations.

Our team of experts handles the entire process from start to audit. This helps businesses keep that consistency across all of their policies and documentation, which results in a better plan of action.

If your business needs help to get ISO 9001 or 27001 certified, contact us now for a no-obligation conversation with one of our expert consultants.

IT Strategy Checklist



Start your business with the perfect IT infrastructure.  Download our IT Strategy Checklist for free and see what it takes to have the best IT.

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Case study



Lodge Park Homes Limited is a small but very experienced team of house building professionals in the construction and building development sector.

Cyber Essentials


Compliant &

Get Certified

More and more businesses, schools, and councils are requiring partners and suppliers to be Cyber Essentials certified.

We help businesses get certified by creating policies, penetration testing networks, and locking down machines so they are compliant with cyber security guidelines.

Speak with one of the team now to get started on your Cyber Essentials certification.

Network Security




Network Penetration tests are a key part of keeping your and your client’s data secure from external threats.

We use 3rd party software to perform the tests so they remain unbiased and give you an accurate view of your network. All penetration tests are accompanied by a detailed report listing any insecurities along with the threat level they possess to your business.

Network penetration tests are a critical part of becoming ISO or Cyber Essentials certified.

Prices start from £600 for the 1st IP address/domain and £400 for any additional IP addresses/domains

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